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Mike Dufish

Corona, CA

dufish at thebreakwall dot com


Seeking Challenging opportunity in the field of Computer Operations Support.


Thirty years in the field of Computer Operations, mainly IBM MVS systems; also AIX, HPUX, HP3000 and IBM/PC.  Extensive knowledge of OS/JCL, OS Utilities, TSO, ISPF, SDSF, VPS, DRS, DFSMS, ISMF, IDCAMS, STK HSC, CA-1, CA-7, CA-11, CA-EARL, Control-M, Control-M for Unix, Tape/Copy, MS Word, and MS Excel.  Solid working knowledge of SAS, OmniBack, Veritas NetBackup, Remedy, Heat, RightFAX, DMS, SAMS, ICF, SAS, AutoSys, NetView, NetView 6000, DB2, Omegamon, Mainview, Tracker, and Extra!.

Professional History

Kaiser Permanente Corona, CA                                                                                                     Oct. 2005 – July 2008

Computer Operations Analyst                                                                                                       

·         Monitor the HealthConnect 24x7 SWAT Bridge in support of KPHC and legacy print issues, along with after-hours on-call for immediate resolution.

·         Monitor testing bridges in support of KPHC print issues.

·         Build and maintain AIX print queues per Remedy Service Requests relating to KP HealthConnect using smit print.

·         Build and maintain mainframe VPS and DRS PARMLIB members per Remedy Service Requests relating to KPHC.

·         Take requests relating to KPHC print problems via SameTime instant messaging from National Operations and Business Partners.

·         Create Remedy Incident Records from requests taken from instant messaging.

·         Spawn emergency Remedy Requests for Change (RFCs) from Incident Records in a break/fix role.

·         Create Remedy problem records by relating many Incident Records.

·         Troubleshoot with Output Engineering Services personnel regarding root cause analysis of print-related problem records.

·         First level resolution of Tivoli-generated Remedy tickets caused by AIX disk errors.

First American Real Estate Services Anaheim, CA                                                                   Apr. 2005 – Oct. 2005

Computer Operations Analyst                                                                                                       

·         Monitor two OS/390 systems via Control-M, correct most abends and JCL errors before escalating to programming staff.

·         Set up jobs and schedule user and programmer on-request jobs submitted and authorized through PVCS Tracker.

·         Work with off-shift programming staff in India for resolution of FTP data transmissions to the mainframe.

·         Set up and balance Tax Capture JCL for 21 CA counties using parameter control statements, JCL concatenations and MS Excel.

·         Log in to 35 CICS regions to perform open and close functions against files, change dates and recycle regions.

·         Create and maintain OS/390 abend documentation with JCL overrides for quick resolution of job failures.

·         Monitor ECS Control-M for Unix for failures of production jobs running on Unix, Win2K, Sun Solaris; escalate to on-call.

·         Correct backup job failures running in Veritas NetBackup.

·         Recycle gateway and protocol converter servers.

·         Create, assign and close problem incident tickets using Heat tracking system.

·         Train other operations staff in the use of Control-M/ECS on Unix and all phases of OS/390.

·         Take first level help desk calls from users of First American RES products such as Data Trace and Data Tree, also password resets and VPS print issues.

·         Helped programming staff to solve a years-long month end batch performance issue relating to tape drive usage.

Guidant Corp.  (through ARC/Pomeroy agency) Temecula, CA                                                     Nov. 2003 – Feb 2005

Computer Operations Analyst                                                                                                       

·         Monitor ECS Control-M for Unix for failures of production jobs running on HPUX, Win2K, Sun Solaris; escalate to on-call.

·         Maintain an HP Sure Store tape library containing 600 LTO tapes.

·         Write trouble incidents using ARS Remedy tracking system.

·         Create and maintain SLA charts using MS Excel.

·         Schedule Control-M jobs using ECS.

·         Set-up special month-end processing for Control-M jobs.

·         Trained two new-hire operations personnel.

Northrop Grumman Space Systems  (through ComForce agency) Azusa, CA                         Feb. 2003 – Oct. 2003

Computer Operations Analyst                                                                                                      

·         Stacked 14,290 data sets on 6,928 3480 tapes down to 446 tapes in 23 days using Tape/Copy from OpenTech Systems, thus eliminating 6,482 tapes from a 20,000-unit CA-1 tape range.

·         Duplicated all 446 stacked tapes by copying them to 446 brand new tapes to ensure data set availability.

·         Moved 4,597 data sets on 2,969 tapes from the high end of the range to 2,940 tapes of the low end of the range.  To create space in the tape library room, 7,380 tapes from the high end were boxed and transported to storage.

·         Rearranged the 24,300 unit tape library room to 10-tapes-columnular, making filing and pulling more ergonomic.

·         Monitor and escalate a two-LPAR payroll and general ledger schedule on Saturdays using Control-M.

ConAgra Grocery Products  (a.k.a. Hunt-Wesson) Irvine, CA                                                   Nov. 1998 – Nov. 2001

Computer Operations Analyst                                                                                                     

·         Traveled to Omaha, Nebraska to train ConAgra staff to take over Grocery Products CA-7 and AutoSys production runs.

·         Monitor and abend resolution of MVS CA-7 batch processing for the ConAgra SYSH and SYSI LPARs located in Omaha, Nebraska.

·         Monitor, diagnose and escalate production SAP R2 SBDC terminates via CICS. 

·         Bounce 24 SAP R2 CICS regions per schedule or administrator request.

·         Monitor and escalate batch production executing on several AIX and NT servers through the AutoSys console.

·         Creation and maintenance of system usage charts, including SLA, DASD, CPU and print, using MS Excel.

·         Recommended to scheduling and change control personnel corrections to peculiarities in CA-7 batch production.

·         Monitor, escalate and/or resolve cross-country network outages using NetView (Statmon) and NetView 6000 consoles.

·         Train subordinates in all phases of the company’s IT operation.

SunAmerica, Torrance, CA                                                                                              Apr. 1997 -- Jul. 1998

Senior Computer Operator                                                                                                           

·         Monitor and abend resolution of MVS CA-7 batch processing for SunAmerica Financial Corporation.

·         Process batch on Royal Alliance VAX system as files from Pershing and DST become available.

·         Follow escalation procedures to notify management and users of delays in CICS file availability.

·         Monitor tape library to ensure sufficient supply of scratch tapes, and perform other tape library maintenance functions such as tape silo enters.

·         Set up jobs to perform tape ejects from STK 9310 Timberline tape silos as criteria are met.

·         Creation and maintenance of daily tape usage charts using MS Excel.

·         Make recommendations to Operations Analysts and Systems personnel on how to correct peculiarities in storage management and batch production.

·         Perform daily maintenance and troubleshooting of a SunView image system comprising if six NT servers and one Sun Unix box.

·         Trained several subordinates in all phases of the company’s IT operation.

SMS/FHP Healthcare, Costa Mesa, CA                                                                              Aug. 1996 -- Mar. 1997

Computer Operator                                                                                                                     

·         Hourly monitoring of two MVS CA-7 systems, three AS/400 systems, and ten RS/6000 systems for errors and batch job abends.

·         Manually submit AIX scripts and jobs, and print comos from the RS/6000 systems.

·         Resolve customer problems after taking calls from four help desks.

·         Resolve problems with Cisco routers during off-hours and weekends.

·         Contact proper operations support personnel when problems occur.

·         Use Windows PC to perform uploads and downloads to AS/400 systems.

·         Help train new operators on all systems, especially MVS and PC functions.

Computer Sciences Corporation,  Fullerton, CA                                                           Jan. 1995 -- Oct. 1995

Senior Computer Systems Engineer, Hughes Mainframe Relocation Project                                    

·         Led project to convert 330 production microfiche tape data sets to route through Microfiche Production System.  Tapes are no longer picked up at computer facility as data is now transmitted directly to vendor’s facility via T-1 lines.

·         Coordinated with Arcus the tape vault relocation, and the movement of a 200,000-unit tape library from Fullerton to San Diego.

·         Member of a tape optimization team that found ways to reduce operator labor by keeping most tape mounts inside the StorageTek ACS.

·         Implemented the upgrade of CA-1 from 4.9 to 5.1 on Hughes test LPAR.  Software was thoroughly tested before installed on production LPARs.

Hughes Aircraft Company,  Fullerton, CA                                                                           Oct. 1984 -- June 1992

Senior Member of the Computing Staff, Storage Management Group                                           

·         Performed daily and weekly maintenance and change functions (DFRAGs, HDA replacements, etc.) on 64 DASD addresses.  Participated in the on-call rotation with other members of team for after-hours service using DFHSM.

·         Oversaw smooth daily operation of tape library and STK 4400 tape silo functions.

·         Interfaced with main console, tape librarians, applications programmers, and end users to resolve outstanding tape and DASD problems.

·         Actively involved in all aspects of five-year effort to merge seven Hughes mainframe systems into one facility.  Specialized in tape library and CA-1/TMS consolidation, and implementation of SMS constructs.


Computer Learning Center, Los Angeles, Graduate Computer Operations Course, 1976. Graduate North Torrance High School, 1975.