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Palos Verdes 2/2

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Breakwall Currents

Friday April 15 awoke early and checked the swell chart which showed six feet driven by ten mile per hour winds, all conditions no fisherman would want to dirve 70 miles to experience.  Nearby Diamond Valley Lake has been producing sizable pre-spawn bass the past week or so but again the winds with no stratus cover today had me staying home listening to the radio while completing homework on the computer and taking care of weekly yard work chores.


Wednesday March 28 conditions were pefect for opaleye at Palos Verdes; two-foot swell, no wind, high tide at 08:00.  Problem is there was no algae bait at Colorado Lagoon in Long Beach.  After returning home in the morning I dug up a broken sprinkler pipe to repair the leak, getting that five-hour job out of the way.  I only took two weeks off last year and before that had accumulated many weeks of vacation since my old schedule had me off for 3 1/2 days per week.  Now that I have a a five day a week shmuck job, I have to take some time off here and there or else I will lose it.  I can predict the tides and moon phases but of course not bait or weather conditions.


Saturday Februay 2 Tried for opaleye at Palos Verdes.  Only caught 1 little guy.  Story.


Plans for this year:

    Happy New Year 2018.  Today Jan 1 I will contemplate what the heck I am going to do all year.  The deserts will not be too fun due to our new drought.  The Sierra will be fine thanks to last winter's deluge.  For sure I will visit Secret Brown Trout Lake July 25 - 31 for seven nights and since I will take 2 weeks off I have goof-off time before and after the hike to terrorize family and buddies who might be camping nearby.  See ya there! 

Check back in to this page periodically throughout 2018 to keep abreast.


This Year's Fishing license fees:

2018 - Sport Fishing License (Res) $48.34
2018 - Sport Ocean Enhancement Validation $5.40
2018 - Second-Rod Sport Fishing Validation $15.12
Total: $68.86.  Last year: $66.76