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Here's a big one from the Creek at the Gorge Power Plant.....Arial view of Rocky Point to Los Angeles from the Daily Breeze 11/11/2009Wook landed this 5lb striper off of a Halo colored 5 inch Yum money minnow at the California Delta, Sent from his BlackBerry® wireless device 10/2009 New trail leading to Long Point at the Terranea Resort 10/21/2009 Baby opaleye snagged 10/21/2009Wave washing over the Marineland Ledge 10/21/2009Zebraperch caught using algae for bait 10/21/2009 Basic three taco opaleye caught with the algae bobber rig 10/21/2009Pencil barracuda caught off the rocks of Palos Verdes 10/7/2009Anonymous dude uses a rattlesnake he caught to land a nice largemouth bass. Jim L. with a nice catch of rainbow trout at Owens River above Pleasant Valley Lake 9/26/2009. Jim L. at Lake Sabrina 9/26/2009.I hung with the family at Disneyland 8/5/2009Calico bass filets in Kikkoman pineapple teriyaki and sesame seeds baked to perfection 7/29/2009Dufish filleted Breakwall Darryl's 10+ pound halibut at the launch ramp so that he and Darryl could split it 6/24/2009Breakwall Darryl with the 10+ pound halibut he caught at Angels Gate while using a Jerk Shad on a 3/8-ounce lead head 6/24/2009 Upright flat rock with a bullet hole marking the spot where Breakwall Darryl and Dufish metered and caught many 2 to 4 pound sand and calico bass along the Federal Breakwall 6/24/2009Light tower at the west end of the Federal Breakwall, Angels Gate 6/24/2009 Breakwall Darryl pulls out a 2-lb calico bass out of Angels Gate 6/24/2009Mike Dufish with a descent calico bass caught at Angels Gate 6/24/2009Breakwall Darryl with his, like, 10th calico of the day off the Federal Breakwall 6/17/2009  Breakwall Darryl with a keeper calico off the Federal Breakwall 6/17/2009 Angels Gate lighthouse, San Pedro CA, 6/17/2009. A log sticking up out of the rocks a mile from Angels Gate indicates a good spot to start fishing for calico bass on the Federal Breakwall 6/17/2009.Jim L. with a nice rainbow trout caught near the inlet of Pleasant Valley Reservoir 5/2009Wook sights a 2-12 largemouth bass in the clear water of Diamond Valley Lake and manages to induce a strike 4/29/2009 Mike Dufish lands a 2-0 largemouth bass at Diamond Valley Lake while Carolina-rigging a 4" purple Power Worm 4/29/2009Overlooking the main point with the small island within casting distance at Diamond Valley Lake 4/24/20091 1/2 pound bass caught at Third Cove, Diamond Valley Lake on Carolina-rigged 4-inch purple Power Worm 4/24/2009 3-2 largemouth bass caught on a Carolina-rigged 4-inch Power worm at Diamond Valley Lake 4/24/2009Two pound bass caught on a Carolina-rigged 4-inch purple Power Worm 4/24/2009Small island within casting distance from a main point at Diamond Valley Lake 4/24/2009 Carp frolicking in the shallows of Lake Elsinore 4/21/2009Confusing signs at the entrance of Lake Elsinore Levy.  Hmm, middle sign says fishing area but the two signs on the outside say NO FISHING 4/21/2009Wook's spring Lake Amador run 4/2009 Mike B. with a lightning trout from Laguna Niguel Lake 4/9/2009 Container ship steaming eastward through the San Pedro Channel as seen from the rocks at the end of Hawthorne Blvd., Palos Verdes.  Catalina Island in the background 4/6/2009The rocks at White's Point, Palos Verdes 3/30/2009 The road leading to the rocks at White's Point, Palos Verdes 3/30/2009Opaleye algae bobber rigView looking north from Point Vicente, Palos Verdes 3/25/2009 Palos Verde's newest state-of-the-art butthole under the Bay Club 3/25/2009 Birds having a good ol' time at Opaleye Point 3/25/2009.Bird's nest after I hooked my net while casting at Opaleye Point 3/25/2009 Breakwall Robert Pleasant Valley Bishop run 3/2009Dolphins frolicking near Opaleye Point 3/16/2009The rocks at Opaleye Point 3/16/2009Backhoe building something near Opaleye Point 3/16/2009Dufish netted this 3-5 opaleye at Opaleye Point, the only one landed for the day 3/16/2009 Artificial structure consists of old concrete and tree branches anchored down with wire and rocks in Third Cove at Diamond Valley Lake 2/26/2009. The water level is so low at Diamond Valley Lake that all of the artificial structure in Third Cove is now exposed 2/26/2009.Dude lands a 5 lb class rainbow trout from the back of Third Cove at Diamond Valley Lake 2/26/2009. Bro hooks a big one in the back of Third Cove at Diamond Valley Lake 2/26/2009.No overcast, only hazy skies at Diamond Valley Lake 2/26/2009. The boat ramp at Diamond Valley Lake is still closed due to low water level 2/26/2009. Rain squall at Lake Wohlford 2/6/2009. Bald eagles still in same tree at Lake Wohlford 2/6/2009. Thornback belly with squid head in mouth at Crescent Bay, Laguna Beach, 1/30/2009. A Thornback ate my bass bait squid at Crescent Bay, Laguna Beach, 1/30/2009. Bottom rig in a sand spike at Crescent Bay, Laguna Beach, 1/30/2009.Trying to imitate a baby octopus by using a squid head at Crescent Bay, Laguna Beach, 1/30/2009.You can only see the tippy tops of the rocks we normally fish from at Twin Points, Laguna Beach, 1/30/2009.The Dreaded Hump at Two Rock Point, Laguna Beach.  Watch your step or you will slip to the rocks below, 1/30/2009. The scene at Two Rock Point, Laguna Beach 1/30/2009.Catalina Island as seen from Sargo Point, Laguna Beach 1/30/2009. San Pedro Hill on Palos Verdes Peninsula as seen from Sargo Point in Laguna Beach 1/30/2009. No danger at Dangerous Dan Point, Laguna Beach, thanks to the absence of swell 1/30/2009Pesky mackerel at my bass bait squid at Sargo Point, Laguna Beach 1/30/2009 The calmest I ever saw the water at Sargo Point, Laguna Beach 1/30/2009.Small calico bass caught on a PowerBait Jerk Shad Mullet at Sargo Point, Laguna Beach, 1/30/2009 Fishing was so dead at Lake Wohlford the buzzards were circling 1/29/2009Santana wind gusts were the norm for the day at Lake Wohlford 1/29/2009. Bald eagle soaring over Lake Wohlford 1/29/2009Bald eagle at Lake Wohlford ready to land in an oak tree, 1/29/2009. Bald eagle perched in an oak tree at Lake Wohlford, 1/29/2009. Egret hunting among the ulva intestinalis algae opaleye bait, 1/23/2009.A lot of ulva intestinalis algae opaleye bait available at Colorado Lagoon in Long Beach.  Problem is there are no opaleye around Palos Verdes to eat it, 1/23/2009.The water conditions were perfect at the Marineland Ledge but there were no opaleye hanging behind the white water like they usually do, 1/23/2009. Chuck P. and his 3-2 trout caught on Power Bait at Lake Wohlford, 1/16/2009. Chuck P's 3 lb trout coming to net at Lake Wohlford, 1/16/2009 The only thing I landed at Lake Wohlford was half of a can 1/16/2009. Everybody limited out on mackerel, sardines and white croaker at Ocean Beach Pier 1/9/2009. Even grunion bite the sabiki at Ocean Beach Pier 1/9/2009.After the mackerel stopped biting the sabiki rig, small walleye surfperch took over the Ocean Beach Pier 1/9/2009. Ocean Beach Pier in San Diego 1/9/2009. Everybody caught mackerels and sardines at Ocean Beach Pier 1/9/2009.Caught'em two at a time on a sabiki rig at Ocean Beach Pier 1/9/2009. No chance of fishing the rocks near Ocean Beach Pier due to high surf 1/9/2009.  Nearshore water under Ocean Beach pier dirty due to high surf 1/9/2009. Ocean Beach Pier in San Diego as seen from the http://maps.live.com birdseye view. Breakwall Doug with an Irvine Lake largemouth caught in winter, a rarity.  He was fishing for trout 1/5/2009.Whole bunch of danglers fishing the ledge near old Marineland 12/27/08Progress of the Terrana project on the old Marineland lot 12/27/2008, opening June '09Nice 3-0 opaleye slipped into the net 11/15/2008 at Opaleye Point.Summer 2008 has given us more kelp in over a decade.  Probably good for the fish but not so much for the rock caster, 8/15/2008I swear to God it was this big!! Dufish talking about Breakwall Dan's huge sand bass 8/2/2008Breakwall Dan caught this nice 5-5 barred sand bass at Emerald Bay, Laguna Beach with a Fish Trap 8/2/2008Another shot of Breakwall Dan's 5-5 sandie 8/2/2008. Lineup of cars at Diamond Valley Lake, 4/9/08.Big cove at Diamond Valley Lake, 4/9/08.Two pound opaleye caught at the Marineland Ledge 1/21/07.Marineland Ledge as seen from across the cove 1/21/07.Closeup of the Marineland Ledge 1/21/07.Ships outside Pt. Vicente, Palos Verdes, CA 1/21/2007Ship as seen from the bluff trail at the end of Hawthorne Blve. Palos Verdes 10/07.Zoom in of ship as seen from the bluff trail at the end of Hawthorne Blve. Palos Verdes 10/07.Light tower at Angles Gate 8/14/07.Cooler full of calico bass caught off the Federal Breakwall 8/14/07Federal Breakwall 8/14/07.Breakwall Darry's rig 8/14/07.The 2 bass I caught at Crescent Bay 4/2007.The big rock we fish from at low tide, Crescent Bay Laguna Beach 4/2007.Emerald Bay Laguna Beach as seen from Sargo Point 4/2006.Sargo Point rough seas 4/2007.Lage midden of mussel shells Laguna Beach 4/2006.Large midden of mussel shells Laguna Beach 4/2007.Offshore Rock Laguna Beach 4/2007.Three pound opaleye landed by Dufish from rocks near end of Hawthorne Blvd., Palos Verdes, CA 4/3/2007Opaleye came in at 3-3 landed from rocks near end of Hawthorne Blvd., Palos Verdes, CA 4/3/20075lb Largemouth Bass from Diamond Valley Lake 3/2007.Proof of size Diamond Valley Lake 3/2007. 3 lb. Largemouth from Diamond Valley Lake 3/2007 Overcast mornings are great for largemouth bass fishing, Diamond Valley Lake 3/2007Diamond Valley Lake was about 20 feet low 3/2007.Large mats of ulva opaleye food growing on rocks near Ocean Beach Pier, San Diego, 3/5/2007Three-taco size opaleye landed at rocks near Ocean Beach, San Diego, 3/5/2007Danfish caught a bigger opaleye than Dufish at Long Point 1/21/20073 calico bass Dufish caught at Opaleye Point 2/20/2007Calico bass hang out around the kelp strands of Opaleye Point.Cove east of Marineland.Dufish caught a 3 lb calico bass from the kelp of Opaleye Point 2/20/2007I used caddis fly larvae for golden trout to no avail 6/2006Kelp forest near Marineland LedgeBucket of algae to be used to catch opaleyeOpaleye Point bottom, Marineland Ledge middle and Long Point upper left, Palos Verdes, CAJames nails several bluegill at Rancho Santa Margarita Lake near his house 9/2006Crummy pic of the only two golden trout I caught on my High Sierra trip 2006The evening rise at my favorite golden trout lake was busy 6/2006More snow than usual around the lake but definitely not frozen over like I had hoped 6/2006Still some snow along the outlet creek 6/2006High in the drainage looks frosty for summer 6/2006Middle Palisade Glacier was biggest than I have ever seen it 6/2006Thunder storms heading out from the mountains to Owens ValleyHow to filet an opaleyeHow to filet a calico bassBreakwall Darryl showing 1 of 100 sand bass we caught at Angel's Gate 1/2006.Breakwall Shane casting for opaleye from the Marineland Ledge 12/2005Breakwall Shane hopping out to the pillar rock at Long Point 12/2005Dufish catches 5-0, 2-1 and 1-15 calico bass from his favorite Palos Verdes rock 11/18/2005 Dufish's favore bass rock at Palos VerdesBreakwall Shane catches a 2-lb. trout at Diamond Valley Lake while Dufish catches goose eggs, 10/2005Breakwall Shane descending the Opaleye Point Trail via ropes, 10/2005Breakwall Shane catches biggest opaleye Dufish has seen in way over 10 years, over 3 lbs, 10/2005Largemouth Bass Dufish caught at Diamond Valley Lake 6/2005Shore fishing area at Diamond Valley Lake 6/20055-14 Calico Bass taken from the rocks of Palos Verdes using the 5 inch Fish Trap, 5/9/2005View looking south from Long Point, Palos Verdes, 3/24/2005Two-pound opaleye taken from the white water around Long Point, Palos Verdes, 3/24/2005El Capitan Lake opening day 2/2005Corona Lake dam gushing water from the outlet after severe winter storms 2/2005.Carlsbad Jetty good for surf, not fish 12/11/2004 Hedionda Lagoon jetty 12/11/2004Two opaleye at the Balboa Jetty 12/10/2004Colorado Lagoon slime pit 12/9/2004Sunrise at Cabrillo Breakwall 11/12/2004Dufish's 6-7 calico bass caught off PV 9/29/2004Opaleye, senorita and halfmoon in a Palos Verdes tide pool 9/29/2004Dufish's legal white seabass caught off Palos Verdes 9/15/2004Breakwall Don's sand bass, MDR trip, 7/2004The New Del Mar, all aluminum, out of Marina Del Rey SportishingView of Crescent Bay from Twin Points, Laguna Beach, 7/2004Big tuna beaches itself, 2/2004Dufish's Laguna Niguel Lake trout, 1/2/2004Redondo breakwall sunrise, 1/19/2004How to clean a calico bass, 8/5/2003Kitchen sink full of fish caught at Catalina, 8/5/2003Map of Catalina IslandDufish's nice calico bass caught at Ship Rock, Catalina Island, 8/3/2003Sheephead Breakwall Darryl caught on Catalina backside, 8/3/2004Capt. Darryl positioning the S.S. Crestliner at a Catalina backside boiler rock, 8/3/2004Cove on Catalina's backside, 8/3/2003The west end of Catalina, 8/3/2003Point of land at Catalina, 8/3/2003Ralphie's boat, The S.S. Crestliner, 8/3/2003The 30-lb bat ray Dufish caught at Laguna Beach, 6/2/2003The bait-on-the bottom rig Dufish uses when he fishes from rocks, 6/2/2003This is the area the Breakwall crew fishes in Laguna BeachDivers invade Long Point, 1/18/2003The Via Vicente trail, at the end of Hawthorne Blvd. in Palos Verdes, likely used since the Chowigna days, 12/2002The rocks below Via Vicenta, Palos Verdes, 12/2002There are a lot of great rocks to fish from at Via Vicente, 12/2002At Via Vicente, watch out for waves that will jump up and get you, 12/2002Breakwall Dan doing what he does best, hanging out, 12/2002Breakwall Dan caught this opaleye at Opaleye Point, the largest of the day, 12/2002Uncle Sam fishing Yucaipa Park upper lake, 12/23/2002Dufish caught these 4 trout at Yucaipa Park using Power Bait and salmon eggs, 12/23/2002Wide view of Yucaipa Regional Park upper lake, 12/23/2002San Bernardino Mountains reflected in a flooded cow pasture, 12/23/2002Dufish caught this 4-8 calico while using algae for opaleye, 11/17/2002Breakwall Darryl's new boat, the S.S. Chaparral, 5/11/2002While fishing from the S.S. Chaparral we saw these two guys getting stranded on a rock while the tide rolled in, 5/11/2002. Dufish caught a bunch of calicos off the Opaleye Point platform during rough weather, keeping these two over 2 pounds, 4/27/2000Breakwall Dan with 2 bass he caught from Laguna Beach rocks, spring 2002Breakwall Dan with calico caught from Laguna Beach rocks, spring 2002Dufish caught a 2lb sand bass while using mussel on 8lb test from Crescent bay rocks, 5/2002Churned water in channels between rocks where Dufish caught a 2lb sand bass on light line, 5/2002Dufish cut his shin when he slipped on the rocks while reeling in this sargo near Emerald Bay, 7/2000Dufish caught puny wild trout at Big Rock Creek, 2/2002Another Big Rock Creek wild trout caught by using worms 2/2002The old road to Funnel Lake past the CB airfield, 9/20/2000Breakwall Don wading out for mussel on rough day north of Malibu, 3/31/2001Breakwall Robert Laguna Niguel trout, 3/2001Breakwall Tim Laguna Niguel Lake trout, 3/2001Dufish Laguna Niguel Lake trout, 3/2001Dufish Laguna Niguel limit ready to be fileted, 3/2001Dufish with one of his three Corona Lake trout, 1/2001My favorite High Sierra lake for Golden Trout, 9/18/2000A grotto at Dufish's favorite High Sierra lake where we set up to fish, 9/18/2000Fall color aspens near Funnel Lake, 9/15/1999Mabe caught these nice goldens using Power Bait at my favorite lake, 9/18/2000Breakwall Tim's Crescent Bay sand bass, 5/8/2000Limit of opaleye for Dufish while using enteromorpha for bait from the Opaleye Point platform rock 2/1999Shoreline rocks and points at Crescent Bay 4/25/2000Opaleye in Crescent Bay tide pool 2000Breakwall Don's SS Sea More out of Marina Del Rey 12/7/1999.Breakwall Darryl's Funnel Lake rainbow trout, 9/15/1999Dufish's rainbow trout from Funnel Lake 7/15/1997Dufish caught legal white seabass and halibut near Abalone Cove 7/2/1999Dufish and a nice winter calico caught near Marineland, 2/8/1999Breakwall Darryl fishing The Plank near MarinelandOpaleye Point occupied by various sea life, 2/8/1999Dufish's Dad caught the only trout between the two at Glory Hole, Melones Reservoir 11/27/1998Glory Hole at New Melones Reservoir on Thanksgiving 1998Dufish caught this 4-lb calico bass near Marineland, 10/30/1998Breakwall Tim's Long Point opaleye, 10/30/1998The blowhole at Marineland Ledge, 10/30/1998Long Point wave splash, 10/30/1998Long Point 10/30/1998Long Point crossing 10/18/199Breakwall Don crossing out to Pillar Rock at Long Point, 10/18/1998Dufish is sworn to secrecy about where in Oregon this backcountry lake is located, 9/25/1998Dufish caught this 7-9 lake trout while backpacking the Oregon high country 9/25/1998Dufish brought a gaff into the Oregon backcountry because his het is too small to land such trophies, 9/18/1998The secret lake in Oregon contains lots of brook trout, 9/18/1998Dufish caught this 15-9 white seabass from the rocks of Palos Verdes with a 5-inch Fish Trap 8/24/1998Dufish caught a 15-9 and a 9-8 white seabass at Opaleye Point in Palos Verdes, a third released was around 6 pounds 8/24/1998A view from High Sierra Fifth Hilton Lake 8/9/1998High Sierra boulder field near unnamed lake 8/9/1998Unnamed lake near Sierra Crest 8/9/1998Opaleye Point trailhead mustard in bloom, spring 1998Opaleye Point platform rock, 4/5/1998Alden's big opaleye 4/5/1998Ryan and Alden's haul of opaleye at Opaleye Point, 4/5/1998Breakwall Dan's opaleye 3/30/1998Dufish's opaleye 3/30/1998Raz caught the biggest opaleye of the day weighing in at 4 1/2 lbs at Opaleye Point 1998Busy Bee Ben nailed a legal halibut near Marineland Ledge 1997Mabe catches and releases a totuaba during a Tony Reyes trip to Islas Encantadas, Baja California 1997Dufish's biggest golden trout he ever caught, a 1-8 from High Sierra back country 7/1997Mike Dufish caught a bonito then used its belly meat to land this nice yellowtail aboard the Searcher at San Clemente Island 1996Mabe lands yellowtal and barracuda at San Clemente Island aboard the Searcher 1996Breakwall Darryl nails a dandy rainbow trout at Kern River near Johnsondale Bridge 1996Mabe's yellowfin tuna out of San Diego, 10/1996Dufish caught 13 yellowfin tuna like this one on a 20# spinning outfit 10/1996You know it's a great day when the deck is covered with tuna blood, 10/1996Jackpot weigh-in, 10/1996, none was owned by the Breakwall partyDufish caught the largest tuna on the boat that day in 1995 but wasn't in the jackpotDufish hooked a wahoo from these rocks near Playa de los Muertos south of La Paz, Baja, in 10/1995Little Chris Maberry with his three huge golden trout caught during ice out at Secret Golden Trout Lake 7/3/1995.Dufish's favorite golden trout lake in the Eastern Sierra still has ice in July 1995Many broke his rod lifting a 3lb cobina 1995By 1995 Funnel Lake was back to normal after the 1986 seven-year drought.Mike dufish with a large triggerfish and a leopard grouper caught from the shore of Los Corrales, Baja, photo by Baja Tim 3/1994Mike Dufish does a Corona commerical at Playa San Rafael, Baja California, by catching a nice corbina with a curly tail grub 3/1994Dufish caught this 5-6 brown while backpacking in the Eastern Sierra summer 1993Funnel Lake didn't survive the drought of the early 1990's. All fish were gone due to winterkill 1992Billy M. boats a striper from the Colorado River near Park Moabi 4/1992Breakwall Jose and his hijo Anthony fishing the Marineland Ledge in Palos Verdes 1992Mike Dufish nails a two pound bass from Lake Cachuma 4/1992Mike Dufish, right, and his Dad Steve slayed the rainbow trout at Melones Lake on Thanksgiving Weekend 1991View of Secret Brown Trout Lake July 1991Mike Dufish with a nice stringer of golden trout caught at his secret High Sierra high country lake 1989Breakwall Jerry took this Kodachrome slide of Mike Dufish's golden trout caught at his favorite golden trout lake back in 1989.  It was scanned in with an HP G4050 scanner.Mike Dufish caught this 6-8 bass from Eastman Lake Dam using a Gitzit jig Thanksgiving 1987Mike Dufish caught this one from his secret rainbow trout lake in the High Sierra 1987Making sushi outof golden trout in the High Sierra 1987Great batch of opaleye from the Redondo Breakwall 1987Breakwall Sam caught this legal halibut from the Manhattan Beach Pier on a live anchovy 1987Mike Dufish caught a 2-lb bass from New Melones Lake Thanksgiving 19863-8 brown trout from Upper Owens River using a mudler minnow fly 1986Nice size Kamloops rainbow from the Owens River above Lake Crowley 1986Dan and Carin L. wading in the Sea of Cortez south of Puertecitos, Baja California 1986Kamloops rainbow trout from the Owens River above Crowley Lake 1985   Breakwall Darryl fly cast for a sizable brown trout from the North Platte River, Wyoming 1982 Brook trout caught from Breakwall Darry's Mom's buddy's pond in Colorado 1982Mike Dufish hooked a trout while trolling Flaming Gorge with a Rapala on leaded line 1982 Brown trout caught with crickets from the Owens River 1981Brown trout caught from the Owens River using crickets 1981  Breakwall Darryl with a stringer of brown trout caught with Panter Martins and crickets from the Lower Owens River 1980Male brown trout caught using crickets in the Owens River 1980Mike Dufish and Breakwall Darry with a stringer of browns using Panter Martins and crickets in the Lower Owens River 1980Breakwall Darryl with a nice Brown trout caught on a Panther Martin from the Lower Owens River 1980Camping at Owens River in a Chevy Chevette summer 1980 Breakwall Darryl caught this largemouth from the newly flooded trees of New Melones Lake 1980Scorpionfish caught from a rock in the Sea of Cortez near Puertecitos Baja 1980 Triggerfish caught from a rock in the Sea of Cortez near Puertecitos Baja 1980 Seargent major caught from a rock near Puetecitos Baja 1980 Big opaleye caught from the Redondo breakwall 1980Quite the haul of opaleye caught from the Redondo Breakwall using algae 1980Better to fish inside the King Harbor when the surf is up at the breakwall 1980Jim M. and Mike Dufish only caught barracuda on an albacore trip 1980 Dufish Family on another fish trip in their camper, early '70sAnother typical Dufish trip in the early '70s, not our camper15-year-old Dufish cleaning a mess of trout caught in and around South Lake, Bishop CA, summer 1972.Dufish, his Dad and 2 sisters backpacking at a lake above South Lake in the early '70sMike Dufish and his Dad hold up trout caught from the South Fork Bishop Creek ca. 1972Mike Dufish caught the biggest trout living at the time in South Fork Kaweah River ca. 1972Teenage Dufish with bonito caught from Redondo Beach's King Harbor, 1971Mike Dufish catches native rainbow trout out of West Fork San Gabriel River 1968Cousin Sharon caught the biggest trout out of the West Fork of the San Gabriel River anybody ever saw, 1968Mike Dufish and his first fish from the Merced River in Yosemite Valley 1964.Dufish's Dad pretending to fish off Catalina back in the '50s
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