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Catch Reports


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3/30 Fished Diamond Valley Lake during the spawn from a boat.  I caught nothing while my partner caught 2 Hooky badgered this male so many times the fish was pissed enough to strike 3/20/2013
5/1 Fished Diamond Valley Lake post-spawn during early morning marine layer.  Caught a lot of bass including two 3-pounders. Mike Dufish nails a 3-lb largemouth at Diamond Valley Lake 5/1/2013
5/24 Backpack trip to the High Sierra for golden trout.  caught five, kept 3. Mike Dufish catches golden trout while backpacking the High Sierra 5/24/2013
6/21 Drove my car to Virginia lakes and packed up into the drainage looking for rainbow and brown trout.  Mostly caught brookies.  Not browns and the rainbows were small. Virginia Lakes 6/21/2013
7/22 Packed up into the Big Pine Creek drainiage looking for brown trout, saw 3 up to 2-lbs, didn't catch any.  Was chased out of the mountains by a monsoon one day early. Big Pine Lakes Report 7/22/2013
8/23 3-night stay at a lake that produced nicely.  Caught many brown trout from 14 - 16 inches and fat, and several wild and stocked rainbows.  Took home a limit of 10 for once. New Brown Trout Lake Report 8/23/2013
10/30 First opaley trip of the season nets 2 bass and 2 opaleye Palos Verdes Report 10/30/2013
11/20 Tried P.V. for opaleye but the bite sucked.  Only caught 2. Palos Verdes Report 11/20/2013