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Catch Reports


Diamond Valley Lake 4/4 Typical spring largemouth action, Hookey and Dufish nailed many from the shallows including one smallmouth. Hooky lands a smallmouth bass while using a dropshotted worm at Diamond Valley Lake 4/4/2012
Diamond Valley Lake 5/2 Had the spring overcast I have been waiting for but the bass bite was somewhat slow, only caught two largemouth and a few other hits. Mike Dufish with a 3-pound largemouth from Diamond Valley 5/2.
High Sierra 5/25 An attempt to catch a lahontan cutthroat trout at a secret high country lake. Mike Dufish proudly displays his first Lahontan cutthroat trout 5/25/2012
High Sierra 7/31 Backpack into the John Muir Wilderness for seven nights with hopes of landing large brown trout. July 31 Breakwall Report
High Sierra 8/29 Truck ran crapily, had to bail out of the back country. Lovely bloom along the 4x4 road leading to the Tamarack Lake trailhead High Sierra 8/28/2012
High Sierra 9/21 Hiked to 11,500-foot Tamarack Lake only to find small brook trout. Your basic brook trout in spawning colors caught at Tamarack Lake, High Sierra, 9/21/2012
Palos Verdes 10/24 Fished Palos Verdes for opaleye after seeing hundreds of the blue-eyed fish caught at local sportfishing landings.  Didn't catch any. New landslide at Palos Verdes causing filthy water 10/24/2012
Palos Verdes 11/28 Still hundreds of opaleye in the local sportboat counts, fished calm waters for two of 'em. Mike Dufish with a 3 lb opaleye caught from Palos Verdes 11/28/2012