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Catch Reports


Lake Poway 12/15 Mike Dufish goes tailwalking at Lake Poway Mike Dufish nets a 3 pound class rainbow while soaking a nightcrawler under a bobber at Lake Poway 12/15/2010
Palos Verdes 12/8 PV fishing dead all year Small pile perch caught while using peas for opaleye at Palos Verdes 9/8/2010
Kern River 8/18  Satisfying my flyfishing jones 14-inch wild rainbow caught on a gold ribbed hare's ear while flyfishing the upper Kern River 8/18/2010
Palos Verdes 8/11  PV unfishable due to excessive kelp Rocks all around Palos Verdes are so choked with kelp it is difficult to find somewhere to cast, 9/8/2010
Laguna Beach 7/28  Sand bass show up then disappear  
High Sierra 6/25  Golden trout plentiful, hungry but small Nice golden trout yanked from Mike Dufish's secret High Sierra lake 6/2010
Diamond Valley 5/19  Breakwall Dan I lands only bass of the day
Breakwall Dan I with the only catch of the day between us, a 1-lb largemouth that ate a purple worm 5/19/2010