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Catch Reports


Palos Verdes 11/4 No opaleye around  
Palos Verdes 10/21 Used new coastal trail to net an opaleye Basic three taco opaleye caught with the algae bobber rig 10/21/2009
Palos Verdes 10/7  Landed a pencil barracuda Pencil barracuda caught off the rocks of Palos Verdes 10/7/2009
Federal Breakwall 6/24  Breakwall Darryl lands big halibut from his boat Breakwall Darryl with the 10+ pound halibut he caught at Angels Gate while using a Jerk Shad on a 3/8-ounce lead head 6/24/2009
Federal Breakwall 6/17  Many bass landed from Breakwall Darryl's boat Breakwall Darryl pulls out a 2-lb calico bass out of Angels Gate 6/24/2009
Diamond Valley 4/29 Wook lands the biggest bass of many of the day Wook sights a 2-12 largemouth bass in the clear water of Diamond Valley Lake and manages to induce a strike 4/29/2009
White Point 4/28 Scouted new opaleye spot but got skunked The rocks at White's Point, Palos Verdes 3/30/2009
Diamond Valley 4/24  Good bass bite including a three pounder 3-2 largemouth bass caught on a Carolina-rigged 4-inch Power worm at Diamond Valley Lake 4/24/2009
Palos Verdes 4/6   Only 1 small calico bass  
Mike B. Trout From Laguna Niguel Lake Mike B. with a lightning trout from Laguna Niguel Lake 4/9/2009
Wook's at Amador  A fine haul of largemouth Wook spring Lake Amador Run '09
Opaleye Point 3/30  Nothing caught  
Opaleye Point 3/25  Nothing caught  
Breakwall Robert Sierra Trip This dude knows how to crank'em in Breakwall Robert Pleasant Valley Bishop run 3/2009
Opaleye Point 3/16  Landed 1 big opaleye Dufish netted this 3-5 opaleye at Opaleye Point, the only one landed for the day 3/16/2009
Laguna Niguel 3/15  Breakwall Dan and Mike Dufish caught nothing  
Lake Wohlford 3/6 Can't even catch a stocked trout
Diamond Valley 2/26  Some dude landed a 5 lb trout Dude lands a 5 lb class rainbow trout from the back of Third Cove at Diamond Valley Lake 2/26/2009
Lake Wohlford 2/6 Caught nothing in the rain Rain squall at Lake Wohlford 2/6/2009
Laguna Beach 1/30 Most exciting thing was a thornback A Thornback ate my bass bait squid at Crescent Bay, Laguna Beach, 1/30/2009
Lake Wohlford 1/29 Action so dead the vultures were circling Fishing was so dead at Lake Wohlford the buzzards were circling 1/29/2009
Opaleye Point 1/23 Caught nothing  
Lake Wohlford 1/16 Chuck P. landed a big one Chuck P. and his 3-2 trout caught on Power Bait at Lake Wohlford, 1/16/2009
Ocean Beach 1/9 A bunch of mackerel, at least I caught something Caught'em two at a time on a sabiki rig at Ocean Beach Pier 1/9/2009