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Shot With A GoPro Hero 4 Black

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Velvet Ant on Indian Truck Trail 4/7/2018

Xmas with some old pals 12/25/2017

Mini hurricane in the 'hood 8/1/2017

Trout swimming in High Sierra creek 7/15/2017

Singing of America The Beautiful atop Mt. Baldy 7/4/2017

Hanging with family at Carpinteria 6/20/2017

Golden trout ready to spawn in the High Sierra 6/7/2017

Last leg of 4x4 trail to golden trout 6/6/2017

Largemouth Bass caught from Diamond Valley Lake 5/31/2017

Helmet Cam Return From Carrizo Canyon in Anza-Borrego 3/21/2017

Helmet Cam Carrizo Canyon in Anza-Borrego 3/21/2017

Caterpiller Crossing Anza-Borrego 3/21/2017

Rattlesnake Encounter Anza-Borrego 3/21/2017

Helmet Cam riding my DT400 around Dos Cabezas in Anza Borrego park 3/6/2017

Agave Trash Picup 9/20/2016

Brook trout in High Sierra creek 7/2016

Chennai India traffic from the Hilton to the BBQ joint 1/24/2016

Chennai India traffic from the BBQ joint to the Lemon Tree hotel 1/24/2016

Chennai India traffic from the beach to the coffee shop 1/24/2016

Chennai India Traffic on the way back from Kovalam Beach 2/1/2016

Kovalam India fish market 1/31/2016

Burrowing crab on beach at Kovalam India 1/31/2016

Off road from the Cattle Gate near Bahia Concepcion back to Highway 1 10/20/2015.

Off road from the rut near Bahia Concepcion back to the gate 1 10/20/2015.

Off road from left turn to the rut along the shore of Bahia Concepcion 10/20/2015.

Off road from Sea Of Cortez camp near Punta Concepcion to the left turn 10/20/2015.

Beach skin dive near Punta Concepcion 10/19/2015.

Goofing off on a beach near Punta Concepcion 10/19/2015.

Ravens and vultures on a beach near Punta Concepcion 10/18/2015

Gulls and vultures on a beach near Punta Concepcion 10/18/2015

Campo Delfines to Santa Rosalia 10/14/2015

Driving around San Felipe 10/13/2015

Drive from Tecate to San Felipe 10/13/2015

Drive Through Tecate 10/13/2015

Speckled Rattlesnake on Indian Truck Trail 5/23/2015

Carpinteria 6/8/2015
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All videos below shot with Pentax Optio W10 Camera

West Fork Hike 5/26/2014

Black Star Canyon Helicopter Touch-And-Go

Auto Club 400 3/23/2014

Spawning trout in the outlet creek below Secret Brown Trout Lake 7/20/2011

Spawning rainbow trout in the inlet to Second Lake 7/20/2011

Friendly marmot visits my backpack camp at South Lake 6/16/2011

Dude catches big trout at Lake Poway 1/5/2011

Golden Trout jumping for flies at my secret High Sierra lake 6/25/2010

Spawning golden trout at my secret High Sierra lake 6/25/2010

Breakwall Darryl lands big halibut, calico and sand bass from the Federal Breakwall 6/24/2009

Breakwall Darryl lands a calico from the Federal Breakwall 6/17/2009

Breakwall Dan swish ball during basketball championships 5/17/2009.

Wook sighting and landing a largemouth bass at Diamond Valley Lake 4/29/2009

Largemouth bass caught on a Carolina-rigged 4-inch purple Power Worm at Diamond Valley Lake 4/24/2009

Carp cruising the shallows of Lake Elsinore 4/21/2009

Mojave Rattlesnake in Antelope Valley near 130th W. and Lancaster Rd. 4/9/2009

High Sierra wind storm 9/18/2007

High Sierra wind storm 9/19/2007

Horsethief Canyon flashflood 9/2/2007

Fishing Crescent Bay, Laguna Beach 4/22/2007

Opaleye trip to Palos Verdes 4/3/2007

Trip to Diamond Valley Lake 3/19/2007

Fishing trip to PV for opaleye

Dufish's first fish from the Merced River in Yosemite 1964

Dufish family surf fishing trip to Carpinteria circa 1967

Dufish family Bishop vacation circa 1972

Old buddy riding his bike up to our house in Torrance circa 1969