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  Indian Truck Trail 4/21/2017 Indian Truck Trail 4/7/2018 Aunt Joyce 90 7/1/2017  
West Fork 6/27/2017 Sierra Run 5/25/2017 Indian Wells Canyon 4/25/2017 Red Rock Antelope 4/18/2017 Colorado Desert 3/27/2017
Anza Borrego 3/21/2016 Mt. Estelle 3/15/2017 Anza Borrego 3/14/2017 Mt. Estelle 3/8/2017 Anza Borrego 3/6/2017
Thanksgiving 2016 Mt. Baldy 7/4/2016 Superbowl 50 2/7/2016 Chennai India 01/2016 Mt. Baldy 7/13/2015
Easter 2015 Black Star Hike 1/13/2015 Snow Day 2014 Thanksgiving 2014 Mt. Baldy Hike 6/30/2014
Falls Fire Wildflowers 4/6/2014 Black Star Canyon 3/31/2014 Auto Club 400 3/24/2014 Maberry Funeral 1/8/2014 L. A. Tour 12/25/2013
Holy Jim Trail 9/4/2013 Carpinteria Beach 8/28/2013 Mt. San Jacinto Hike 7/10/2013 Mt. Baldy Hike 4/11/2013 Joshua Tree 4/3/2013
Hike to Sitton Peak 1/3/2013 High Sierra 4x4 8/29/2012 High Sierra 4x4 Hike 7/5/2012 High Sierra 4x4 Hike 6/29/2012 Mt. Gorgonio 8/24/2011
Carpinteria 8/10/2011 Glass Mountain 8/5/2011 Carrizo Plain 4/6/2011 Blair Valley 3/30/2011 Mt. Estelle 3/29/2011
White Mountains 7/21/2010 Mojave Desert 4/28/2010 Mojave Desert 4/21/2010 Mojave Desert 4/14/2010  Mojave Desert 4/7/2010
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Practice hike to the first pine trees along Indian Truck Trail 4/21/2018My lawn back to normal after drought driven water restrictions were relaxed 4/8/2018 Springtime ferns growing along Indian Truck Trail 4/7/2018 Went hiking in the local canyon behind our neighborhood 3/24/2018First training hike of the season up Indian Truck Trail with my 'hood in the background 3/17/2018Carving up cross rib roast to make smoked jerky 3/10/2018 View from my 3rd floor office window in Irvine 3/6/2018Not enough rain this season to green the hillsides but at least the San Gabriels got snow, as seen from my backyard fence 3/4/2018Went to L.A. and hung out with some pals for the day 12/25/2017Built custom racks with screen bottoms to smoke almonds 12/24/2017Rose Fire just across the ridge near Elsinore nearing our neighborhood 7/31/2017Another summit of Mt. Baldy 7/4/2017So good to see everyone at the Aunt Joyce 90th Birthday 7/1/2017 Hiked to West Fork but there were no native trout in the creek 6/27/2017Balsamroot blooming everywhere around the Eastern Sierra, Glass Mountain in the background 5/23/2017Grape soda lupine blooming in Indian Wells Canyon, Kern County 4/25/2017Dandelions blooming in Red Rock Canyon 4/18/2017 Beautiful light during BBQ time 6pm as seen from my backyard fence 4/16/2017This week's desert bloom run near Red Rock Canyon 4/4/2017Sunflowers going crazy at Ford Dry Lake along I10 east of Desert Center 3/27/2017Have my own superbloom going right here on the front porch 3/22/2017.Hedghog cactus blooming all over Anza-Borrego Park 3/21/2017Mt. Estelle Bloom 3/15/2017Dry Lake near Rock House Canyon, Anza-Borrego 3/14/2017My hood with Mt. Estelle Preserve and Mt. San Gorgonio for the backdrop 3/12/2017Panorama shot of Mt. Estelle Preserve.  Used scroll button at the bottom to pand right 3/12/2017Tourists having a picnic at the easy patch off Lake St. and I15 near Lake Elsinore 3/8/2017If you love desert lilies, this year they're all over the place in Yuha and Anza-Borrego Deserts 3/6/2017 Another gorgeous winter morning out my back door 1/31/2017View of San Gabriel Mountains from my back door 1/24/2017View of San Gabriel Mountains from my backyard fence 1/23/2017Rain almost over for a while. Going to be a memorable wildflower year 1/23/2016Orange County and Catalina Island from the Toll Road.  Use scroll button at bottom to pan right. 12/29/2016Finally snow in the San Gabriels 12/27/2016Haven't seen this in a while 12/25/2016Had tons of fun rough-housing with the kiddies at Denay and Travis' house Thanksgiving 2016Backyard fence view 11/6/2016I celebrate Halloween with a black sheet over my door so nobody bugs me 10/31/2016Thick marine layer and mountain tops as seen from my backyard fence 10/31/2016Pallet yard fire near Ontario Airport as seen from my backyard fence 10/21/2016Afternoon view from my back yard fence 10/16/2016My buddy's pool is too small for me 9/25/2016Agave stump ready for pickup 9/19/2016 Afternoon view of the Santa Ana Mountains as seen from my back yard 9/4/2016Smoke from the Holy Jim fire pouring over into my 'hood 8/31/2016Fire as seen from the I-5 in South Orange County 8/2016Last conditioning hike to summit of Mt. Baldy before next week's 6-night backpack 7/4/2016Oopsie! 110 here in Temescal Vally first day of summer Monday 6/20/2015Last day of spring afternoon above the LA smogline as seen from my backyard fence 6/19/2016Poor bastard with front left broken axle towed out via Indian Truck Trail 6/13/2016Hike up to the first Coulter Pine tree along Indian Truck Trail 5/30/2016East slope of the Santa Ana Mountains seen from Indian Truck Trail 5/23/2016Snake crossing over Indian Truck Trail 5/23/2016My 'hood as seen from the Mt. Estelle Preserve 4/27/2016Lupine in bloom along Indian Truck Trail, Santa Ana Mountains, 4/13/2016Rainbows and lolipops in my 'hood 4/11/2016My smoker in use 3/1/2016Lovely day in Horsethief Canyon near my house with San Gorgonio in the backdrop 2/24/2016My lawn greened up nicely over the winter and now bare spots reseeded Superbowl 50 party at Wolfie's house 2/7/2016Trained a crew in Chennai India on CA-7 Mainframe Batch 1/2016an Gabriel Mountains from my back fence 1/11/2016The results of my effort to save 30% water this drought year 10/12/2015Cabin Fire above Glendora just starting 8/15/2015Breakwall Dan funeral at the golf club 7/11/2015I built a server rack with a three-port charging stagion for my truck 8/2/2015Mike Dufish sumited Mt. Baldy 7/13/2015San Bernardino Mountains under cumulus as seen from Indian Truck Trail 7/5/2015San Gabriel Mountains as seen from Indian Truck Trail 7/5/2015Hiked up to the first pine tree along Indian Truck Trail 7/5/2015Good neighbor Ken helping cut up the agave 7/1/2015Wind storm knocked over my agave 6/30/2015Smog Islands near Riverside as seen from Indian Truck Trail 6/29/2015Monsoon sunset as seen from my backyard fence 6/28/2015Smoke from the Lake Fire in the San Bernardino Mountains as seen from my 'hood 6/26/2015View of Horsethief Canyon back country Santa Ana Mountains 6/21/2015Heart leaf bush penstamon in bloom amongst the larel sumac along Indian Truck Trail 6/15/2015A view of my neighborhood from Indian Truck Trail 6/15/2015Fresh rattlesnake tracks across Indian Truck Trail 6/15/2015Lump on my neck to be removed later this month 6/6/2015I had a golfball size lump removed from my breast 5/21/2015My tree after being pruned 5/31/2015My rescue agave towers over the roof of my house 5/31/2015I rescued this agave from the side of Temescal Road in 2000 when it was a baby.  Now look 5/17/2015Hung out with The Malcom Family Easter 2015Had a gas with Dan and Scott at the Auto Club 400 3/22/2015View from my backyard fence after weekend storms 3/3/2015View of yesterday's snowfall in the San Gabriels from my backyard fence 2/24/2015Only one small patch of poppies this year in the Mt. Estelle Preserve 2/15/2015New sticker fits me perfectly 2/12/2015My tree after trim 2/8/2015 Arbolero up in my tree ready to trim it 2/8/2015My tree getting ready for a trim after snow storm in Jan messed it up 2/8/2015Newts are emerging after last nights rain in Black Start Canyon 1/12/2015 Aligator lizard living in my garage keeping the black widows in check 1/4/2015James G. side of the Santa Ana Mountains from Margarita Lake 12/31/2014My backyard after a night of snowfall 12/31/2014 Snow-capped San Gabiriel Mountains seen from my backyard fence before tonight's storm 12/15/2014Fire in the Cleveland National Forest west of Lake Elsinore 12/9/2014Fire in the Cleveland National Forest west of Lake Elsinore 12/9/2014Having a wonderful time with the kids at Denay's house for Thanksgiving 2014 My first colonoscopy results 11/18/20141903 Alkalai map of Los Angeles I had framed now on my entryway wall 11/6/2014Silverado Fire as seen from the 241 Toll Road 1:30pm Friday 9/12/2014Silverado Fire about `15 minutes old Friday morning as seen from my house 9/12/2014Silverado Fire just starting Friday morning as seen from my house 9/12/2014 Mike Dufish summits Mt. Baldy 6/30/2014View looking north from Indian Truck Trail of South Corona 6/9/2014View looking north from Indian Truck Trail of South Corona 6/9/2014New Goodyear Assurance Comfortred tires for Silverfish 4/7/2014Fire poppy sprouted in the Falls Fire burn area along Ortega Highway 4/6/2014Hiked Black Star Canyon up to Beek's Place 3/31/2014Blue Angels flying past the Auto Club 400 in Fontana 3/23/2014My pepper tree all professionally trimmed by me 3/17/2014My pepper tree all expertly trimmed by me 3/16/2014First lawn cut of spring 3/14/2014Hanging out with the Nultys and Bobby Nichols at the Jim Maberry funeral 2/8/2014Installed Bushwacker fender extentions 1/29/2014Installed Bushwacker fender extentions 1/29/2014Hangin' with the Mabes New Year 2014L.A. panorama taken from Mt. Wilson 12/25/2013, use scroll botton at bottom to pan right.Spent Xmas 2013 with some of my buddies in L.A., use scroll button at bottom.New oak toilet seats 12/17/2013Roadrunner atopo my backyard gate 12/11/2013Roadrunner looking for lizards in my front yard 12/11/2013Rainbow for the holiday outside my backyard 11/29/2013Carting at Pole Position in Corona 11/29/2013Getting ready to cart at Pole Position in Corona 11/29/2013Steve and Mike went carting at Pole Position in Corona 11/29/2013Bo Jessica Candy Steve and Tracie digging in to Mike Dufish's turkey dinner Thanksgivin 2013Perfectly roasted turkey ready for carving Thanksgiving Day 2013Sugar Doodle enjoying football on Thanksgiving Day 2013Anual fall lawn patch 11/19/2013Vanishing mushroom in my lawn 10/23/2013Lovely sunset over Santiago Peak taken from my driveway 10/23/2013Alligator lizard in my garage 10/23/2013Road runner looking for lizards on my neighbor's walkway 9/21/2013My Pepper Tree trimmed 9/10/2013My Pepper Tree before being trimmed 9/10/2013Mike Dufish almost to the top of Santiago Peak 9/4/2013 Bo Jessica Candy and Tracie boogie boarding at Carpinteria Beach 8/28/2013Results of the Falls Fire along Ortega Highway 8/17/2013Flowers along the Mt. San Jacinto Marion Trail 7/10/2013First lawn cut of spring 4/16/2013First lawn cut of spring 4/16/2013Mike Dufish at the top of Mt. Baldy 4/11/2013 My guest bathroom 4/10/2013Looking north into the Mohave Desert from Eureka Peak, Joshua Tree Park 4/3/2013 Backyard Wild Fuchsias are in bloom 3/27/2013Mike Dufish says the Slater's 50/50 burger is killer 3/22/2013Lovely shot of Lake Rancho Santa Margarita taken by James G. with his camera phone 2/28/2013Snowy day in the pass between Morongo and Yucca valleys 2/20/2013My perfectly broken-in Red Wing Irish Setters re-soled with Vibram Montagne at Culver Shoe Repair, Irvine, for $75 1/28/2013Mike Dufish at the top of Sitton Peak 1/3/2013Hiker James on his way to Sitton Peak 1/3/2013Thayne celebrated his birthday on Thanksgiving night 11/22/2012Kiddies waiting for Thanksgiving dinner 11/22/2012Travis ready for prayers before the Thanksgiving feast 11/22/2012Tables are set for Thanksgiving dinner at Denay's house 11/22/2012Kids playing on Thanksgiving 11/22/2012Watching football on Thanksiving 11/22/2012Tathena, Thayne and Taton watching TV on Thanksgiving 11/22/2012Candy holding Denay's latest T-baby on Thanksgiving 11/22/2012Thanksgiving festivities wore out baby Talon 11/22/2012Everyone milling about Denay's house for Thanksgiving 11/22/2012Tracey and Denay at T-day 11/21/2012Newport Back Bay 11/17/2012Newport Back Bay 11/17/2012Introducing Silverfish, Mike Dufish's new car 10/10/2012Mike Dufish is a two-car family 10/10/2012Mike Dufish is a two-car family 10/10/2012Mike Dufish is a two-car family 10/10/1012Put all my garden equipment in a backyard storage shed to make room in the garage for my new Xmas present 10/3/2012New Rubbermaid shed on my farm 10/3/2012New Rubbermaid storage shed on my farm 10/3/2012Lovely bloom along the 4x4 road leading to the Tamarack Lake trailhead High Sierra 8/28/2012Mike Dufish working from home 8/26/2012View east from Indian Truck Trail 7/18/2012Trabuco Peak Santa Ana Mountains as seen from Indian Truck Trail 7/18/2012Ridge at the top of Deadman Creek, Owens River Headwaters Wilderness 7/5/2012Li'l Miracle atop Mt. McGee in the High Sierra 6/27/2012Li'l Miracle after front end damage fixed 6/12/2012Li'l Miracle after Dufish's first at-fault car crash 5/13/2012Me standing next to my agave to show how tall it is 4/10/2012I found this agave 11 years ago on the side of the road when it was about a foot tall 4/10/2012Had Li'l Miracle's engine (1990 Toyota V6) rebuilt at 400,000 miles 4/9/2012JVC Kaboom sits atop the custom carrying case I built for it 4/5/2012Custom carrying case for my JVC Kaboom with handy accessory slot 4/5/2012Custom carrying case for my JVC Kaboom 4/5/2012East slope of the Santa Ana Mountains along Indian Truck Trail 3/28/2012Post-storm morning view outside my back door 3/18/2012Denay and her mob at California Pizza Kitchen 3/14/2012Crazy Denay with number five on the way 3/14/2012My little sister Tracie with her granddaughter Tathena 3/14/2012Window sticker from my 1990 truckMy truck seat after being reupholsterd 3/7/2012My truck seat before being reupholstered 3/6/2012My bicycle I bought from a buddy in 1980 for $100 2/22/2012Smoker rack loaded with chuck cross rib roast all cut up for jerky 2/15/2012My house after rain gutters installed 2/14/2012My house after rain gutters installed 2/14/2012Corky M. was at Craig W's Superbowl party 2/5/2012Craig W. and Mike Dufish at Craig's Superbowl party 2/5/2012Everyone in sister Tracie's car saying bye bye after T-day 11/26/2011Sister Tracie's car being loaded for ride home after T-day 11/26/2011Jessica and Beau ready to leave my house after T-day 11/26/2011Family eating T-day leftovers at my table Friday night 11/25/2011My house after being painted 11/21/2011My house after being painted 11/21/2011My house before being painted 11/9/2011Fences all repaired and painted 11/9/2011Fence needs major repair 11/9/2011When I'm not out 4x4 camping my JVC Kaboom serves as my desktop computer speakers 11/20/2011 My new really loud JVC Kaboom iPod dock with walkman, 12-v cable and extention cord and remote 11/20/2011Baby alligator lizard that makes my pepper tree its home 9/4/2011We saw a bear on the Vivain Creek Trail while hiking up Mt. Gorgonio 8/24/2011Family campout at Carpinteria 8/10/2011View of the Sierra from Glass Mountain 8/5/2011Fire in the forest behind my neighborhood 7/6/2011Half way up Mt. Baldy a hail and thunder storm blew over the mountain top 7/6/2011Helicopter fighting fire east side of the Santa Ana Mountains Airplane fighting fire east side of the Santa Ana Mountains 6/2/2011Little Miracle broke down 1 1/2 miles from home two days before a planned 4x4 high sierra wilderness adventure 5/29/2011Little Miracle gets a new windshield after 21 years 5/10/2011Horned lizard on the east slope of the Santa Ana Mountains along Indian Truck Trail, 4/27/2011Soda Lake at Carrizo Plain National Monument 4/6/2011Blair Valley area of Anza-Borrego with bloom of desert gold 3/30/2011Estellel Mountain poppy bloom 3/29/2011San Gabriel Mountains dusted after storms 12/23/2010Temescal Creek flowing over Temescal Canyon Road 12/22/2010Panorama of Temescal Creek flowing over Temescal Canyon Road after storms 12/22/2010Horsethief Canyon Wash flowing after storms 12/22/2010Horesethief Canyon Wash flowing over Temescal Canyon Road after storms 12/22/2010Corona Lake muddied after storms 12/22/2010Indian Canyon Wash flowing after storms 12/22/2010Indian Canyon Wash merging with Temescal Creek outlet of Corona Lake Dam after storms 12/22/2010Corona Lake Dam releasing water after storms 12/22/2010Indian Canyon Wash flows after rainstorms 12/22/2010San Jacinto River flowing 1st time since 2005, 12/21/2010Jessica working on the computer in my command center on Thanksgiving 11/25/2010Hanging with Beaux on Thanksgiving 11/25/2010Relaxing after another successful Thanksgiving dinner 11/25/2010Sister and kids at my house for Thanksgiving 11/25/2010The Sierra Crest as seen from the White Mountains 7/21/2010VZE 3.0 engine with new timing belt and water pump 6/8/2010.VZE 3.0 engine ready to bolt on new parts and timing belt 6/8/2010.All the stuff that needs to be disassembled for a timing belt job 6/8/2010.Timing belt job including new radiator, fan clutch and water pump 6/8/2010.My new cube 5/24/2010Verizon hired me 5/3/2010Mt. Charleston as seen from the Kingston Range 4/28/2010Rainy afternoon Mojave Desert scene south of Cima 4/21/2010Desert gold north of Barstow 4/14/2010Trona Pinnacles 4/7/2010The front of my new home theater PC 3/20/2010The guts inside my new home theater PC 3/20/2010.Rear of my new home theater PC 3/20/2010Grove of oaks on old Lake St., now part of Mt. Estelle preserve 3/17/2010Purple flowers on hillsides of Mt. Estelle preserve 3/17/2010My neighborhood afternoon light 3/17/2010My neighbornood with Trabuco Peak in the backdrop 3/17/2010First lawn cut of spring is always the most beautiful 3/17/2010My lawn vs. abandonded house lawn 3/17/2010Looking N-E from Indian Truck Trail at Lake Matthews 3/3/2010Fog rolling in from the west over Santiago Peak, Santa Ana Mountains 3/3/2010Coulter pine grove along Indian Truck Trail 3/3 2010Moss and dudleya along Indian Truck Trail 3/3/2010Fern garden along Indian Truck Trail 3/3/2010My neighborhood as seen from Indian Truck Trail 3/3/2010View from my back yard fence 1/27/2010View from my back yard fence after storms 1/27/2010Dry wash in Temescal Canyon flowing after rains 1/22/2010Outlet from Lee Lake Dam (Corona Lake) spewing storm water 1/22/2010Dry wash under the old railroad bridge and over Temescal Canyon Road 1/22/2010My media center with new media center PC behind TVRampage Extreme up and running with cover on 1/13/2010New Rampage Extreme up and running with the cover off 1/13/2010
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