opaleyecalico bassMike Dufish's The Breakwall Angler, starring opaleye and calico bass
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The Breakwall Angler
Here you will find reports and photographs chronicling the many fishing exploits of Mike Dufish and his breakwall rat pals, plus several links to informative websites which have helped them these past years increase their catches significantly.
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Rough day at The Breakwall 1980; Mike Dufish with Palos Verdes opaleye 2012

King Harbor bonito fishermen with their bubble fly rigs are so crazy Redondo Beach  had to erect this sign to warn unsuspecting tourists. Redondo Breakwall during June sunset. Breakwall Darryl with a nice 6-8 calico bass caught at the Redondo Breakwall on a Fish Trap one June afternoon. Mike Dufish with two three-taco opaleye from the Redondo Breakwall, Hermosa Beach in the background. Andy Q. on right with his brother way out on the Redondo Breakwall with nice calicos caught on Fish Traps. Jim G. with a snow crab that ate bait at Redondo Breakwall. Angler at the Federal Breakwall in San Pedro pulls up a starfish. View of Angels Gate in San Pedro while fishing the Federal Breakwall. Watch out for rougue waves when you fish from breakwalls.

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